Severn Trent Water

Think of water and you probably think of us. We`re one of the largest regulated water companies across England and Wales. Severn Trent runs through the heart of the UK, providing essential services from the Bristol Channel: across Gloucester, Worcester, Birmingham to the Humber, and from Wales through Shropshire and Staffordshire to Leicestershire, Nottingham and Derby. Our teams are dedicated to maintaining the flow of clean water to our customers’ homes and the safe removal of waste water and its return, cleaned, to our Rivers. We’re continually investing in our people and infrastructure, so everyone can tap into the wonderful water we provide well into the future.

Are considering your future options and want to be involved in something where:-

  • you are out and about dealing with an interesting variety of work?

  • your problem solving capability will be put to good use?

  • your care for the environment matches the ethos of the company your work for?

  • the communities we serve are also the communities we care for?

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